As a shop owner, I work six days a week. That makes Sunday a very special day for me. Today weather was sunny and I was home alone with dogs, so I made delicious breakfast and took it to balcony with the new Finnish Elle magazine.
I made chocolate dip with banana and grapes and salmonmayo-shrimp-sun dried tomato-toast with organic orange juice. Perfect morning and I got summers first freckles too!
Unlike my breakfast, Elle wasn't as good as I had hoped it to be. Some nice articles and pictures, but way too little eye candy for my taste. Trendi magazine had just written about blogging and now the same topic was on Elle too. But points for Elle for writing about blogging more interesting than Trendi did. I was actually very amazed how big this blogging land is! Some people actually make living out of this?! What the hell? This whole thing is still so new world to me and I apparently have lots to learn...

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